The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys!

I'll put my hand up straight away: I'm a sucker for gadgets. The newer and shinier the better. Smart phones bulging with apps (actually I even know someone who has a metal detector app on his), Apple TV, iPod Touch and of course an iPhone are all part of my 'male jewellery box'; sad or what? This summer when the iPad launch was imminent I lied to myself saying 'nice but I don't need one of these' but yes, you guessed it, I'm typing this on one. What made me inflate Apple's multi-billon profit yet again? Well it's the screen actually, I have never seen a device on which pictures look so good, not only is it great for tiny details but it displays such lovely silvery black and white - while in colour the skin tones are so real, I could go on and on. So it looks like I might offer a 'package' of wedding images on a 16GB iPad along with or even instead of the beautiful, hand-made Jorgensen wedding albums so beloved by my clients.  Prospect wedding clients who saw my portfolio on it in the form of a slide show really loved it and of course it saves me lugging loads of albums to meetings, now I only take two and the 'pad'!


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Posted by Artrell on
That’s not just logic. That’s rlaely sensible.
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