'Old' Castlemacadam Church, Avoca, Co Wicklow


About 6 miles from Arklow you’ll find the ruins of 'Old' Castlemacadam Church, Avoca. An imposing sight, even in the overgrown state I found it when I last looked (if it has been ‘tidied up’ since, I apologise).  It has a haunting quality; ‘elegant decay’ is the nearest term that springs to mind. I took this picture some years ago on Kodak Infra Red film – this material sees infrared energy rather than the visible light that our eyes see. Notice how the blue sky is rendered black and grass is turned white. I chose this technique to enhance the ‘ghostly’ aura from the place; ironically, I shot it on a bright sunny day; the ‘eerie’ quality is down to the film. The picture has been used many times, including in a programme of a London theatre as well as a couple of photographic magazines. 



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